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Over the years, I have forgotten how wonderful it is to keep our thoughts on paper, or in this case, on the web. When I go back to my past ramblings, it just shows how much the world has changed for me over time.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I headed down to Penang over the weekend as mum was hospitalised due to a ruptured tendon on her right foot. She hurt herself while she was here in Puchong and when she got back, she had it checked out and found that she has to go for an intermediate operation. So off I went on Thursday evening. Took the evening flight off to Penang on Fireflyz. I stayed with her for two nights, basically to accompany her and help her around. She was in pain for the first night and had trouble moving around but the second night she was a lot better.

I was glad to be back since I have not been back to Penang since June. Had the car so I had the chance to go around and buy food..lots of food. Apom, tau fa, economy fried bee hoon, bak chang koay, sugarcane juice, chicken rice...yummy..gosh..I have put on weight in just that 4 days.
As I sat to have my lunch on Friday, I noticed a young family, 2 kids with their parents and it reminded me of the old days when I was their age. It just brought back memories of my childhood days and how lucky I was and how lucky these 2 kids were to have a) a family b) to stay in Penang and experience this simple lunch in a coffee shop
I have memories in almost every place that I can think of in Penang and I have been so lucky and I think of many others who were born in Penang and/or spent their childhood there. Good schools, friends, family, the beach, nice gardens, playgrounds...etc.
When my mum was down here in KL, I was trying to think of a place to take her out in the evening and I couldn't think of a place! She didn't want to go to the shopping mall so there was no where else I could take her. In the end we just stayed at home. If we were in Penang, we could have gone to Gurney Drive for a walk or to the esplanade or go to one of the public beaches and sit by while we listen to the ocean breeze.
But nope...nothing of that kind in KL or Selangor...oh well..I hope my children will be as fortunate as I was...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's been 3 weeks hasn't it? There goes my promise on writing at least once a week. I have been busy playing with my nephew and my cousin's son since my mom came over to stay and it is definitely not easy having children in the house. We are always on constant alert to make sure that the children are where they are and not doing what they are not supposed to.

After my rock climbing experience I have been thinking about it a lot but not doing much. After my first attempt, I realized that I could not do it before or after my pole dancing. My arms would just literally collapse. Anyway, planning on a session tomorrow since I will finish work at 5 for the rest of the month due to Ramadhan. Surely, after 40 minutes of rock climbing I won't be able to do anything else...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Rock Climbing!! I have finally done it. Set a goal to try out rock climbing at the indoor Camp 5 today and is exhilarating! How did Tom Cruise do it in MI II, I wonder? It was pretty scary especially when I was trying out without the rope. I am okay with the height, but just the thought of no rope makes it a bit scary. Well I have done arms are sore, tomorrow I have pole. I have no idea how I am going to hang on to it. As I drove back today, I kept telling myself, I am going to start my children young, get them to go for dancing lessons, do fun stuff like rock climbing, bowling, archery...start them young. Let them try to see what they are good at. I feel so old when I do it now and it is like I missed so much when I was younger. I cycled, played table tennis and I think that was about it. Didn't do much compared to what I am doing now. I was doing my abs training yesterday with my trainer, Joanne and I told her that my abs are the 'untapped' territory that I have never really worked on. I feel so fit now but I am still not happy with the progress. I want to stick to my schedule so that I can see a different side of me before I get pregnant. Yeah, that's my goal.

Tuesdays- Fitness training
Wednesday- Rock Climbing??
Thursday- Pole
Friday- Rest or cardio or swimming?

Need to work on my leg strength and arm strength..gosh..let me think about it while I go tend to my soar arms

Sunday, August 02, 2009

What's in a secret? You cannot imagine how much I have to keep in, professionally and personally. I think I have to keep something new to myself once every day. Over the course of working as a HR professional, I learn to keep my mouth shut. Many times, I learn to disregard leading questions that can just lead anyone to blab what they know. The secret to making someone talk is to make assumptions and create allegations. They may be true or false, but whatever it is, it usually makes someone talk. People are just programmed to want to be the person with all the source. Hence, tricking people into telling you what they want to tell you will be very easy. Anyways, just rambling on. I know I am not making any sense.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Had a busy week last week and I am glad to be sitting down at home right now with my cranberry and blackberry juice with no expectations to go anywhere. No meetings, no appointments and no contractors coming to the house today. Thank goodness. Last week was a successful week for the company that I work for. We had a world conference and it went on well. The response was good and everyone is feeling happy but tired.

I spent a couple of days in Singapore that added on to the tiredness. Dinner at Fullerton was gorgeous, I just love that hotel. Every time I go to Singapore, there is always something different and there are things and places there that I like, some not so much.
Anyway, hope to spend more time there as a holiday and not for work next time so that I can meet up with my friends there.
Being thinking about my blog the whole week and on what I will be writing.
Today I am absolutely tired as this is the first week I have been alone ever since the wedding. You see, Saturdays are usually my time. That means I use this day for doing a bit of housework, facial, massage, go for a movie. I am just amazed how fast time flies. I woke up at 10.30am today. Stayed in bed and watched LKL on my Itouch. Another breaking news about MJ's death. Two explosions went off in Jakarta's Marriott and Ritz and the British Open is on it's third day. I sure hope Tiger wins. My sis is in Penang this weekend and hopefully in a few weeks time, my mum and dad will be coming down to stay with us again. It is quiet in a big house when you only have 2 people living in it.
Perhaps I will go for a Harry Potter movie and then...a massage?

Monday, July 13, 2009


So sorry for neglecting you. I promise that I will at least update my blog once a week now. So many years have passed since my last blog. I was quite suprised that it is still here. I am deeply indebted to Blogger for keeping it for me even thought it has been inactive all this while.
I read through my previous blog and I am very glad I kept one. To hear my thoughts and ramblings of the past was simply delightful and sweet. Had a tear in my eye...My only regret was not updating it more frequently after working in KL. I wish I had documented more of my experiences and ups and downs.

Well, to start of this week, I would like to announce that I am now married. I a newly married woman, to the 'a very nice man' posted in my blog on October 2003. We had a wonderful wedding in Bali and also in Penang. I have moved on from my stressful job to another not so stressful one in PJ, no longer in KL. I miss my old colleagues and I miss driving to KL everyday but I make it a point to at least go to the city once a week.

So much have changed. I have changed and after reading my past blog, I must admit, some things that I have written then, I still preach. I am surprised that I read Moby Dick though. I have totally forgotten about it.

Anyway, it is late now and I will be back again...promise..

Sunday, October 12, 2003

6 temps called in saying that they can't work this weekend, because they have "something urgent to do"...
Whatever happened to responsibility, dedication to work, commitment in doing something that you are meant to do? I often wonder how people get on with their lives knowing that they have just disappointed another human being.
I bring this up, for the fact that I have been disappointed many times, professionally and personally.
when it comes to working, I have always maintained a strong foothold and discipline at work.
Whatever the cause, whatever the matter, work is work and work and personal should never mix. If one has committed to work at a promised period of time,
one should fulfill that promise. Period. The only exception is that somebody died in your family and believe me, each project that I have, will surely have a deceased case in one of my temps family. Maybe my projects are doomed. Work for me and someone in your family will die. What are the odds of that? If if they are not dead, their uncle, grandfather, grandmother, auntie will be terribly ill, struck with some kind of plague and they have to be at the bedside to take care of them. Mind you, none of them have used the mother/father thing on me yet as they know that I could call them and check. And I would go, gheez, when did this young people become so caring towards the seniors? Take care of grandmother, konon...

My temps are young college/university students, yet they lack the drive and motivation to seek adventures' beyond their comfort zone. They are eager to work, but to what extent? How far do they see themselves after they graduate? Do them have plans on what they should do now? Later?
None, whatsoever. Generally, most of the young people (sigh, I hate to say it but I am no longer one of them) lack the good values of a good employee.
How does the value of responsibility get instilled? How do they learn to prioritize their responsibility, between work and studies? Some are very responsible towards their studies but when it comes to work, they don't show the same enthusiasm.
Are they compelled to be responsible over their studies because of (internal) factors like ego, reputation, self-improvement and (external) family, friends, teachers?
So, when it comes to work, what would the factors be? Money? Maybe, maybe not as they can get money from their parents. I have always felt that working while studying is the best time to learn all the values of being a good person. Then, you are young, naive and innocent, open to all kinds of people, the nice ones, crooked ones, ambitious ones, strong-willed ones, hardworking ones and so on. From there, you will be able to decide the kind of character you would like to mould yourself into when you start working, seriously.
Sigh...Just venting my frustration over young minds. Now I know how the adults felt when they were working with me. No wonder they kept on telling me to grow up. Well, I grew up all right. So why can't the teenagers take it when I tell them that? Why can't they take it positively and learn to improve instead of running away from what is ahead of them? Sigh...

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Oh long has it been....Looks like I am going to do this annually. Just noticed, I only think about my blog when I start working on weekends. And the time is now. Yes, just like last year, similar project on Internet usage in homes. Even blog has changed *boo hoo....and I missed all the make up changes.
In August, I met 'a very nice man'....hehehe....and the great thing about it is that we are still together. He is a lot of fun and we have a lot in common, ie. crazy on the road (but he swears I am crazier), don't like seafood, a loony and he thinks I am wonderful...hee heee
Will be going to Melaka next weekend to attend a former colleagues' wedding and there, will get to introduce Paul to my working mates. They have been quite eager to meet him, since I only met him two months ago and we have met both our parents only after two weeks of knowing each other!
After the weekend in Melaka, and we are off to Bali to attend another wedding!
So far so good.
Now on Work....hmm...a bit tough there. There has been ups and downs, right now I am in the 'middle' part, going down I suppose. Maybe because I am working weekends and I am very tired when I get back.
Promotion is promised to be in March next year. My boss is smart. Now I have to wait till March!